Vland takes the lead in establishing the "Highland Barley High-Value Industrial Development and Research Center"


    In order to accelerate the high-value development of the high-value barley industry and broaden the field of high-value barley promotion and application, the ninth batch of Qingdao-aided Tibetan cadres will lead the establishment of the "High-value High-Value Industry Development and Research Center" by Vland. The center will implement a "dual center" operation mechanism (Xigaze Center and Qingdao Center). All member units will carry out collaborative development of high-value industries around the high-quality organic highland barley raw materials in Xigaze, the "Hometown of Highland Barley in the World". It will be market-oriented and successively launched Various forms of new highland barley products will gradually change the status quo of the extensive processing of the highland barley industry, seize the opportunity of the development of the "big health" industry, and promote the high-value, functional and healthy development of the highland barley industry.


   Tibetan highland barley is a plateau-characterized crop, containing various natural active substances such as β-glucan, γ-aminobutyric acid, polyphenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanins. The in-depth development of these functional ingredients will Greatly enhance the industrial value of highland barley. Vland will give full play to the advantages of biotechnology and high-value development of highland barley to realize the matching and integration of highland barley and modern food industry.