Number Name Specification Remarks
001 Xylanase Xylanase can effectively decompose the xylan and pentosan in the raw material, so as to reduce the viscosity of wort, improve the filtration performance of wort and the filtration quantity of sake, and improve the non-biological stability of beer. food-grade enzyme/Halal/Kosher/stability/ security
002 Glucanase Glucanase can reduce the content of glucan in the wort and reduce the viscosity, so as to improve the filterability and the filtration quantity,improve the juice yield and prevent the turbidity of beer due to dextran. food-grade enzyme/Halal/Kosher/stability/security
003 Pectinase KF-CQ03 This product can degrade pectin, quickly reduce the viscosity, make rapid clarification, increase the filtration speed, extend the service life of the filter membrane, prevent the turbidity of the concentrated juice, and improve the stability. food-grade enzyme/Halal/Kosher/liquid/stability/security
004 Pectin lyase It can improve extraction and clarification of fruit juice, and improve the color of fruit wine products and have better sensory quality; it can increase the flavor of the wine and make the taste fuller. food-grade enzyme/wide application/Halal/Kosher/stability/security
005 Pectinase KF-GJ03 This product selectively degrades pectin, reduces the viscosity of pulp and pomace, significantly increases the filling volume and juice yield of the Buch press, and quickly releases fruit juice. Easy to post-processing. food-grade enzyme/Halal/Kosher/stability/security
006 Proline endoprotease Proline endoprotease can be used to open the turbid protein polypeptide from carboxyl terminal of proline, to break the turbid cross-linked polymer of "protein + polyphenol", so as to eliminate cold turbidity and improve non-biological stability food-grade enzyme/Halal/Kosher/eliminate cold turbidity/stability/security
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